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Sunvair’s state-of-the-art 78,000 square foot facility means we can handle the entire landing gear overhaul process under one roof – all the necessary machinery, equipment, and personnel are here. End-to-end control of the overhaul process means we can better meet delivery dates while reducing turnaround times and costs.

Sunvair's services include:


Sunvair provides repair and overhaul landing gear services for 20 different military and commercial aircraft, and we are constantly adding platforms to our list. Our relentless commitment to customer service promises clear communications, reliability and on-time delivery for your MRO needs.



  • Boeing 717
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 787
  • Bombardier Q-400


  • Boeing 707
  • Boeing 747 
  • Boeing 757
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787
  • Boeing MD 11
  • Boeing DC-10
  • Bombardier Q-400
  • Embraer 175
  • Embraer 190
  • Lockheed Hercules L-100
  • Boeing T-45
  • Boeing F-15
  • Lockheed F-16
  • Lockheed C-130
  • Lockheed P-3
Business Jet
  • Boeing BBJ NextGen
  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  • Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane
  • Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
1,000,000+ Parts serviced since 1955
Fleets serviced


For over 65 years Sunvair has been delivering the highest quality landing gear overhaul and repair services.

To ensure we live up to our reputation for leading quality leader, Sunvair procedures include:

  • Stringent incoming records review and immediate photo recorded verification.
  • Additional Inspection points beyond what the OEM CMMs require.
  • Hiring the industry's most experienced engineers.
  • Robust DER repair development and approval.
  • All major processing in-house including:
    • Chrome Plating
    • Nickle Plating
    • Hydraulic Testing
    • Shot Peen
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Bushing Manufacturing
    • Paint
    • Assembly
Landing Gear Overhaul


Sunvair repairs and overhauls a variety of landing gear and non-landing gear parts components including:

  • Carriages
  • Beam assemblies
  • Engine mounts
  • Flight control actuators
  • Retract actuators
  • Torque arms
    • For a complete list of parts or to search for a specific part capability, please use our Part Capabilities Search.

      Part Capability Search
Piece Part Overhaul


With on-site access to 35 grinders, lathes, drill presses, hone tables, mills and CNC machines, Sunvair performs all machining operations in house.

The vast amount of equipment allows each machining operation to have least one secondary machine for a backup role.

Machining Services


We believe in doing things well and doing things right. That is why we are committed to meeting California’s strictest air quality standards. 

From our computer design template masking, to our convection oven dry booths, Sunvair is able to reduce the prep and dry times considerably vs traditional methods.  By using this unique processing we are able to meet the tight delivery demands required in the aviation industry.

Painting Services


Our on-site, state-of-the-art tanks are built to meet the OEM's new production and MRO plating requirements for chrome, cadmium, nickel, and nital etch. 

Built in 2016 the facility is compliant with Southern California's strict Air Quality Management Board Rules including Rule 1469.

Tank size to accommodate parts parts as long as 120" (274 cm), which covers nearly all landing gear requirements.

Available processing includes:

     Hard chrome

     Sulfamate nickel

     LHE cadmium

     Brush cadmium

     Chem film

     Shot peen

Available Inspections:

      Mag particle inspection 

      Florescent penetrate inspection

      Nital / temper etch

      Eddy current

For more information go to 

Plating Services



Sunvair offers on-site Level III Magnetic Particle, Fluorescent Liquid Penetrate, Nital/Temper Etch, and Eddy Current inspections.   This enables us to perform all required non-destructive testing on site which translates to faster turnaround times and better cost control.

NDT Services


Sunvair’s Hydraulic shop services all types of actuation – from steering, retract, and flight control to landing gear functions. With the on-site capabilities to test, inspect, machine, repair, and overhaul, TAT is minimized, helping airlines reduce shelf inventory.

Sunvair's Skydrol and Red Oil test stands are capable of supplying pressures up to 25,000 psi and flow rates of up to 40 gallons per minute.

Hydraulic Test Services


Sunvair incorporates multiple inspections beyond the CMM requirements which result in “best in industry” overhauls. While self-imposed, these additional inspections ensure a longer on-wing time, thus lowering long term costs to the airlines. Additionally, Sunvair tightens the allowable CMM dimension tolerances to provide product for perfect fit at assembly. Our industry leading inspectors plan repairs that remove the minimal amount of base material, once again allowing a longer life for each part.

Sunvair also maintains the a robust tooling calibration inspection process, utilizing both internal documentation and the use of outside credited calibration companies to ensure we maintain the highest of industry standards.

Inspection Services

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